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World Renown Tactical Defense Institute Of Ohio.
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KA-BAR / TDI Law Enforcement Knives
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Tactical Defense Institute
John Benner-Designer   
Tactical Defense Institute
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KA-BAR #1478BP TDI Last Ditch Personal Back-Up Knife
Weight: 0.15                            Overall length: 3 5/8"
Blade Length: 1 5/8"              Blade Shape: Spear
Blade Stamp: KA-BAR          Steel: 9Cr18 SS
Grind: Flat                               HRC Rating: 58-59CR             
Serrated: No                           Made: International 
Knife comes with black friction release sheath and 550 neck cord. 

KA-BAR #1480Clip TDI Black SS Knife Belt / Sheath Clip

Now there is an alternative to the belt loop carry.

The black stainless steel clip will mount to your TDI friction release sheath,
lacing a belt through the sheath to carry is no longer needed, just clip and go.

The clip will mount to all TDI sheaths from models 1480 through 1485 as well as the Becker BK-11, 14, & 24 Sheaths.

Clip comes with all necessary mounting hardware.
This is the original KA-BAR TDI Last Ditch Tactical Personal Law Enforcement Stainless Steel Concealment Back-Up Knife designed small to be stashed away as a last resort defense.
The Last Ditch knife with friction release sheath and 550 neck cord.
KA-BAR 1480CLIP TDI Black Stainless Steel Replacement Belt Clip.
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KA-BAR NEW 2490 TDI Flipper Folder Knife
The ALL NEW and Improved 2490 TDI Flipper Folder

BLADE LENGTH: 3.0 inches                        BLADE STEEL: AUS 8A Stainless Steel
BLADE THICKNESS: 0.125 inches              BLADE TYPE: Folder
BLADE WIDTH: 1.375 inches                       COLOR: Black
EDGE ANGLE: 15 Degrees                            GRIND: Flat
HANDLE MATERIAL: Glass Filled Nylon
LOCK STYLE: Crossbar                                OVERALL LENGTH: 7.3 inches
ROCKWELL HARDNESS: 57-59 HRC        SHAPE: Spear Point
MANUFACTURED IN: Taiwan                      WEIGHT: 0.2 lb.