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Tomar's KA-BAR Knives has created this page only as a contact tool for those searching for hard to find knives or to sell older collectable knives.
We are not responsible for any actions or transactions made between buyers or sellers. 
A reasonable amount of care should be taken before any exchanges of funds or merchandise take place, all parties who enter into transactions do so freely on their own accord and at their own risk.
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Want To Buy:-Posted 03-JAN-22 -I am looking for a Ka Bar knife and sheath used in Vietnam war in tight shape. Text 314.695.2098
Want To Buy:-Posted 22-FEB-22 -Looking for Ka Bar Desert Storm complete with box paperwork made 2013 
Contact Laurens [email protected]
Want To Sell-Posted 03-JUN-15-WTT Original Warthog (excellent condition) for Bk-16 (Excellent+) 
Contact:  [email protected]
Want To Buy:-Posted 21-AUG-15 -Looking to BUY IMMEDIATELY Kabar 5557. Model is discontinued and I've been unable to find one for months. Contact Josh at: [email protected]

Want To Sell-Posted 30-SEP-15-Selling used kabar military USMC knife w/ hard shell sheath. Good price
Call-347-322-2995, must sell quick.email -[email protected]

Want To Buy -Posted 01 OCT-15-A KA-BAR 1265 fighting knife, they've discountinued this knife or a 1264 this one has no serrations.
Contact:  [email protected]
Want To Sell-Posted 19-DEC-15 -Very rare - 200th Anniversary USMC Ka-Bar in walnut box. Only 1500 made.
Contact:  [email protected] 

Want To Buy -Posted 26 DEC-15-All folding advertising knives for Suit or Overcoat that say " Simply Show the Knife".
Contact: [email protected]

Want To Sell-Posted 19-JUL-16 -Many collectible Knifes for Sale Contact [email protected] for pictures Ask for Bry 

Want To Sell-Posted 08-AUG-16 -Am looking for 1 or two Kabar Mule 3058 folders [ discontinued ] MUST be newer build ones, will pay shipping to NZ. Contact: [email protected]

Want To Trade-Posted 13-DEC-16 -I have a Cold Steel Outdoorsman new in original box that I am looking to trade. This is the rare AUS-8 version of the Outdoorsman that was only produced for 2 years. I paid $130 but I am willing to trade for a BK-10 in good condition with Micarta or G10 grips or for an ESSE 4, Junglas or Laser Strike . Please email me if interested. [email protected] 

TOMAR'S KA-BAR KNIVES is an American Company.
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Want To Buy-Posted 27-AUG-18 -Want to buy aug 24, 3rd and 4th marine div. simper fidelis k bar commemorative knifes contact [email protected]

Want To Sell-Posted 18-OCT-18 -Tanto KA-BAR Brand New Never Used. Call 313-878-4757 Must Sell Quick. 
Email - [email protected]

Want to Buy-Posted 03-DEC-18-Ka Bar fighting knife with a USCG stamped tang. Contact: [email protected]

Want To Sell-Posted 11-MAR-19-Ka-Bar Knife Model 1211. 6.5? Full tang blade. Comes with hard shell sheath. Great condition. Asking $40 Will deliver Call or Text: 630-841-9228

Want to Buy-Posted 19-MAR -19-Looking for custom replacement handles for the Ek model 4. Could go for something that provides a better grip. Maybe a wider grip as well. [email protected]
Want to Buy-Posted 24-APR -19-Want to add a bk-4 to my collection. Willing to buy trade whatever. 
Contact : [email protected]
Contact:  [email protected]

Want to Buy-Posted 7-NOV-19-Ka-Bar PTK (Pacific Theater Knife) either version. Contact [email protected]
Want To Sell-Posted 23-DEC-19 Looking to find value and possibly sell a kabar Skinner 1233 made in USA has italic Kabar on blade but sheath has KA-Bar markings...Very good condition. Contact: [email protected]
Want to Buy-Posted 30-DEC-19-Looking to buy original USCG Ka-Bar #1208 for a gift for a USCG Veteran. Contact: [email protected] 
Want to buy-Posted 13-MAR-20 U.S. Coast Guard KA-BAR stamped USCG ser# 02-1208. Active Duty being deployed to Middle East. Contact [email protected]
Want To Sell-Posted 24-JUN-20 Trying to sell Gerber 1976 Mark II SURVIVAL knife with original sheath and stone. [email protected]
Want To Sell-Posted 13-JUL-20 Selling Original Open Box USMC Ka-Bar-Olean NY Fighting Knife/Sheath. Grandpa bought it a left it the basement for years. According to the booklet inside It was made in 1999. Email me and I can send you pictures and/or a link to my eBay page. Thanks! Amber-[email protected]

Want To Sell-Posted 13 OCT-20 Benchmade auto Bedlam, never used or carried. have references. would also trade for Emerson Seax, contact:  [email protected]
Want to buy-Posted 17 SEPT 21- Buck 110 auto elite knife Model : 0110 BKSA-B Code: RN-KN3-AES
Contact: [email protected]
Want To Sell-Posted 24-AUG-2022 Ka-Bar USMC gold commemorative knives. THESE WERE offered by the HISTORICAL FOUNDATION in 1987. They came in a set of 6 when you pre-ordered them. These are of museum quality and only to be handled wearing a glove. They only offered 1775 to be made and this set is serial number 1742 on each knife, so you know it is part of this set. The complete set of 6 is from the FIRST MARINE DIVISION TO THE SIXTH MARINE DIVISON. They sold out before they could be offered to the public. When these came available some 31 years ago from an estate, I purchased them and kept them in a controlled environment. They only offered 1775 sets to be manufactured. But I have seen at gun shows sell one at a time, which I would think would devalue the knife set. I would imagine there are not too many complete sets with all 6 knives as a complete set left for sale. contact [email protected] 

Want to buy-Posted 10-NOV-22 -Greetings! I have been in search for a USCG (US Coast Guard) Ka-Bar that was made for a short time. If anyone has one they are willing to sell please reach out to me via email: [email protected]

Want to buy-Posted 12-DEC-22 -Looking for ka-bar precision hunter large drop point 1443.  [email protected]
Want to buy-Posted 23-JAN-23 -KA-BAR Dog Head Coppersmith Series knives from 2016 catalog. Interested in any of the models. Please contact Rick - [email protected] Thank you
Want To Sell-Posted 3 Jul-23-Selling mint condition USMC Knife with mint condition leather sheath. Not a blemish on either. Contact through email at [email protected] or message 207-949-5570ext.