Privacy Policy & Operating Standards
We protect the privacy of our customers, and highly respect the trust that they have placed with us.
The protection of our customer's private information is one of our top priorities. 
We do not sell, rent, or share our customer's personal information with any third party.

This privacy posting is to inform you of our information collection policy and how we may use some of the information we collect.

We only collect information that is voluntarily submitted to us by our customers during online transactions, inquiring emails and by requests made by our customers. Information that customers voluntarily provide to us such as shipping addresses, email addresses, or phone numbers are collected for reasons such as, but not limited to, contacting customers concerning their order, order confirmations, shipping and delivery dates, availability of products, upcoming sales and specials, to announce the arrival of new products, or to make contact concerning any business associated with or in regard to Tomar's KA-BAR Knives.

We are proud of the trusting relationships our customers have built with us in the past, and we will continue to serve with the same respect and confidentiality in the future.

We take several precautions both on and offline to ensure the security and accuracy of all information collected and offer our customers the ability to manage any information regarding themselves that we may have collected.

Customers can request at any time, that their information be changed, modified, or removed from our records simply by contacting us.

Customers who wish to change their contact information need to simply provide their old information as well as their new information and we will update their profile.

Tomar's KA-BAR Knives is a privately owned and managed business; we are NOT affiliated with any third-party advertising agency, information collection companies, or mass marketing systems.

We want our customers to be comfortable knowing that they can view our products, make transactions, and communicate with us without having their information disclosed.

We look forward to serving you and providing you with the confidence you deserve to be comfortable while conducting business and associating with us.

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