These specially designed VZ scales were custom made to fit the KA-BAR / Becker knife & tool models BK-2 Campanion, BK-3 Tac Tool, BK-7 Combat Utility knife, BK-9 Combat Bowie, BK-10 Crewman Survival Knife, BK-21 Reinhardt Machete, BK-22 Campanion, as a high-end replacement to the original factory scales.

Upgrade your full-size Becker knives with these contoured, textured G10 scales made by VZ Grips.

Each grip set is custom designed here in the U.S.A. and each set is unique in appearance.

The BK2VZ scales provide a stable grip and better control while the knife is in use which also creates a safer work environment.

These BK2VZ grip scales will not only give you a better grip, but they will also give your knife that custom high-end appearance that you're looking for. Purchase is for one scale set consisting of a left and right side.

The BK2VZ grips will mount using the knife's original standard hardware. 

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KA-BAR BECKER G10 Scales are made in the U.S.A.
Becker Custom BK2VZ Knife Scales
KA-BAR BECKER Knife and Tool Company.
$65.61- Each Set
KA-BAR KNIVES INC.-World Renown for Quality Products Since 1898.
BK77HNDL Micarta knife scales-The look and feel you have been looking for.
Custom designed BK2VZ contoured, textured G10 handles designed by VZ Grips.
To view Micarta handles available for all the BK knife models click here.
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