The KA-BAR / Becker Necker self-defense concealment knife system.

The Becker Necker is a solid one piece designed defense knife offering a 3 1/4" drop point straight edge blade constructed of 1095 Cro-Van steel with a HRC hardness rating of 56-58 which has been flat ground providing a sharp cutting edge with excellent edge retention. 

This self-defense knife weighing in at only 0.20 and having an overall length of 6 3/4" makes it a light defense tool which is not cumbersome to wear and easy to conceal.

The knife's handle end was designed so it could be utilized for breaking wire or for prying, such as removing bottle caps.

The Necker comes with a Molle compatible black friction release neck sheath with thumb lock.

The Becker Necker is made exclusively in Olean, New York U.S.A. and proudly etched with the BKT / KA-BAR name brand.

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Knife is made in the U.S.A.
KA-BAR Becker Knife and Tool Company.
KA-BAR 1480CLIP TDI Stainless Steel Belt Clip.
The Becker Necker sheath
 is designed to work with
 the TDI Belt Clip #1480CLIP
Clip Sold Separately

BK-11HNDL Custom Made Micarta Scales Set for the Becker Necker Knife.
Legendary KA-BAR KNIVES INC.-Manufacturer of Ethan Becker Designed Knives and Tools.
KA-BAR BK11 Becker Knife & Tool Company- The "Becker Necker" Self-Defense Concealment Knife with Friction Release Sheath.
Personalize This Knife with Custom Laser Engraving.
KA-BAR BK-11-S Black Hard Shell Plastic Friction Release Multiple Mounting Sheath with removable thumb lock.
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TOMAR'S KA-BAR Neck Knife BK11 (Becker Necker Concealment Knife)