These specially designed American made Micarta scales were custom designed to fit the KA-BAR / Becker knife model BK-11 "Becker Necker" as high-end scales to cover the original steel framed knife handle.

Micarta is a material created by layers upon layers of fiber laminates combined with resins and processed with heat and combined pressure to chemically alter the layers into one solid very durable product. These BK-11 knife scales are a combination of canvas layers & resins.

Because of the process and the different grains of the laminate materials, each scale is unique to itself and no two look alike.

Micarta has been used since the early 1900's as a proven long lasting durable agent in many of the industrial fields and has been used in the making of high-end knife scales for years.

The BK Micarta scales provide a stable grip and better control while the knife is in use which also creates a safer work environment.

These BK Micarta scales will not only give you a better grip, but they will also give your knife that custom high end appearance that you're looking for. 

These Micarta scales are completely custom ready utilizing a medium to fine sandpaper allowing them to be shaped and customized exactly to the owners hand grip and comfort, many of our customers have reported changing the color of the scales by soaking them in RIT clothing dye. 

Purchase includes one set of custom made scales and the necessary hardware to mount them with.

Hardware mounting wrench size is 7/64.

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Micarta Handles are made in America.
Becker BK-11HNDL Custom Designed Micarta Handle Set
KA-BAR Becker Knife and Tool Company.
$29.00 - Each Set
KA-BAR BK11HNDL Custom Designed Becker Necker Micarta Scales.
KA-BAR KNIVES INC.-Manufacturer Of Custom Designed Ethan Becker Micarta Knife Scales.
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