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To advertise your website or to promote your products on this website please contact [email protected] 
Our advertising rates are very reasonable however we will not allow ads that are linked to sites that have or who promote the following content:

Adult Content Ads

Racial Discrimination or Racial Hatred Ads

Ads containing content of illegal substances, or illegal activity will not be allowed.

Ads promoting acts of violence or terrorism.

Any ad considered to have publicly offensive material.

All ads will be subject to prior approval of Tomar's KA-BAR Knives and are subject to be removed at any time at our discretion without notice.

Please report any ads which are found to be in violation of the above restrictions to us at [email protected]
One text ad with a single link-5.00 per month

One text ad with multiple links-10.00 per month

One small image ad with a single link-5.00 per month

One banner ad-10.00 per month

One full page ad-20.00 per month

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