KA-BAR #9921
The Backpack Kaster, an American-made, lightweight fishing system designed to tag along on all your outdoor adventures.

Made from Ultramid®, the Backpack Kaster weighs 0.25 lb and has three main components.  The handle is inspired by the iconic KA-BAR® USMC Fighting/Utility Knife and has a hollow storage compartment.  The head of the Backpack Kaster is where your fishing line attaches.  A clamp is included to secure your line and lure in place when not in use.

Whether you are hiking, camping, or just driving by a good looking fishing hole.  It is great to know that you are prepared to catch your limit. 

The Backpack Kaster can be a crucial tool in a survival situation where food is essential, any stream or pond may be all that stands between you and starvation.

The overall length of the Backpack Kaster is 6.25”.  Line and lure are not included.

The Kaster is made exclusively in Olean, New York and proudly marked with the KA-BAR brand.

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This Kaster is made in the U.S.A.
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KA-BAR Backpack Kaster is an American made product designed to be light and functional for fishing.
The Backpack Kaster
The Backpack Kaster has a hollow handle for storing extra hooks and tackle.
The Backpack Kaster can be a life saver when food is essential.
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