KA-BAR #9909Mil
KA-BAR Field Kit Spork Three Pack 9909MIL

The Field Kit Spork Set is perfect for camping, hiking, picnics, storing in gloveboxes and packs, and eating on the go. 

 Made from food and water safe Creamid®, the Sporks are dishwasher safe. 

The Sporks feature a spoon/fork combination at the base and a serrated knife internally. The knife is accessed by pulling on both ends of the Spork. The overall length of each spork is 6.875”. The blade length of the knife is 2.5”.

 Made in the USA.

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Opener is made in U.S.A.
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KA-BAR Field Kit Spork 3 Pack Eating Utensils.
KA-BAR Field Kit Spork 3 Pack in Military colors.