KA-BAR  #5102

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Knife is made in U.S.A.
We are proud to introduce the new KBD Master Series knives designed by custom knife maker, Mike Snody.

Mike prides himself on producing world-class, investment grade cutlery for the most extreme, discerning and demanding knife collectors and users on the planet. 

Snody Boss and Big Boss knives are sold with high-grade, heavy-weight, semi-production JRE sheaths made in the US and featuring grommet holes for lashing in any carry configuration.

Both Snody Boss Knives come with a custom designed pewter bead featuring the stylized Snody “S” logo to your knife.

Bead by Schmuckatelli Co. and made in the US.

Snody Knives 5101 / 5102 are mounted with Blue “Reptile” handles and include a free extra set of interchangeable Deep Purple “Dolla Holla” handles as shown below.

The BIG BOSS has an overall length of 9" with a flat ground 4 9/16" blade.

The entire solid one piece knife was constructed with 0.125” superb thick S35V stainless steel.

To view our entire collection of Mike Snody designed KA-BAR knives click here.

KBD Master Series - BIG BOSS
KA-BAR The BIG BOSS Knife-Designed by Mike Snody of S35V Stainless Steel displaying Blue Reptile handles.
KA-BAR JRE U.S.A. made Leather sheath with multiple lashing holes.
KA-BAR The BIG BOSS Knife-Designed by Mike Snody of S35V Stainless Steel displaying the free extra set of Purple Reptile handles.
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