KA-BAR  #5055
KA-BAR Molle compatible Black Heavy-Duty Hard Shell Plastic Protective Sheath
KA-BAR   U.S.A. 3/4 size black Tactical Tanto is a well-designed combo edge fighting utility knife which has become very popular because of size, easy to carry, and the advantages of the Tanto blade.

Knife features a 5 1/4" (1095) Cro-Van full tang steel blade with a (HRC 56-58) hardness rating.

The knifes pointed razor-sharp flat ground tip and cutting edge is designed to penetrate through even the toughest materials quickly.

The partially serrated section provides easier cutting through tough materials such as braided or nylon rope.

The handle is constructed of non-slip Kraton G Elastomer providing excellent grip control even in moist environment conditions.

Knife is made in Olean, New York, U.S.A. and proudly bears the KA-BAR brand.

This Tanto knife comes with a Molle compatible hard shell heavy-duty black plastic sheath with multiple lashing ports and mounting positions, including inverted upside down as well as the traditional belt loop mount. 

These sheaths are known for their resistance to impact, corrosion, and abrasion, its all-weather performance, and its imperviousness to most chemicals, petroleum-based products, and moisture, including salt water.

This knife style is also available in a black leather KA-BAR sheath, both stitched and riveted for extra strength and durability, model (1255) as well as in a straight edge blade version, model (5054)

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Knife is made in U.S.A.
Historical KA-BAR KNIVES INC.-Leader In Designing Knives For All Aspects Of  Activity
KA-BAR 5055 USA  Made Short 3/4 Size Tactical Tanto With A Partially Serrated Combo Edge Blade.
Personalize This Knife with Custom Laser Engraving.
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