KA-BAR  #5011-S
Foliage Green hard-shell plastic sheath  

The Molle compatible hard sheath locks the knife in place at the guard and is constructed out of a tough reinforced hard-shell plastic which provides a hard surface to protect during use in abrasive brushy areas.

Sheath is resistant to impact, corrosion, and abrasion. 

The sheaths all-weather performance also makes it impervious to most chemicals, petroleum-based products, and moisture, including salt water.

The FG sheath with its several lashing ports and knife lock in provides multiple tie-down and mounting options including upside down in a shoulder area or strapped to a LBV, or BA, or pack. 

Sheath will fit all full size 7" fixed blade KA-BAR fighting utility knives.

The 5011-Foliage Green sheath comes standard with knife models (5011) & (5012) foliage green fixed blade knives.

This sheath style is also available in traditional black, model (1216

Sheath is no longer sold seperately.
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Knife Sold Separately
Foliage Green Hard Shell Knife Sheath
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