KA-BAR  #4062D2
The 4062D2 Dozier Folder is made of D2 tool steel, an upgrade from the 
AUS 8A stainless steel used by other Dozier Folding Hunters. 

Designed by Bob Dozier, widely regarded as “Dr. D2”, the 4062D2 has a Steel Blue Zytel® handle.  

The overall length of the D2 Dozier Folder is 7.25” and the blade length is 3”.

Knife has a reversible thumb post and features a lockback blade security.

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Bob Dozier-Designer
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KA-BAR 4062D2 Dozier Hunter with a D2 Steel Blade.
KA-BAR 4062D2 Dozier Folding Hunter with a D2 Steel Blade.
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