KA-BAR #2490

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Tactical Defense Institute
John Benner-Designer
Tactical Defense Institute
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We are TOMAR'S KA-BAR KNIVES, an Officially Authorized KA-BAR Dealership offering the lowest prices.
We offer a full line of guaranteed quality KA-BAR knives of many styles.
Our array of knives, include Military Fighting Utility knives, Tactical knives, Pocket knives, Hunting and Camping knives and Machetes, Police Law Enforcement knives, and much more!

KA-BAR NEW TDI Flipper Folder Knife Open
Only a 33-year veteran police Lieutenant could truly understand what makes a knife effective for close-quarters defense. While serving as President and Chief Instructor of Tactical Defense Institute, John Benner saw time and time again what he already believed to be true from first-hand experience: In a conflict, fine motor skills deteriorate and gross motor skills are most effective for fending off assailants. Benner then set out to design a low-profile fixed blade knife for law enforcement, military and security personnel that could be drawn quickly and efficiently in times of duress. After more than a year of prototype samples and in-field testing, the Benner-approved TDI knife was put into production. The same basic principles that founded that first knife were incorporated into all future TDI models, which now complete an expansive line of tactical knives.
TDI Flipper Folder

The KA-BAR TDI 2490 TDI Flipper Folder is back and better than ever. The 7.3” folding knife is perfect for EDC (Everyday Carry) with an ambidextrous design, tip-up carry, reversible pocket clip, and crossbar lock. The AUS 8A stainless steel blade is 3” in length.
Handle Color: Black

KA-BAR ALL NEW TDI Flipper Folder Knife Closed
Flipper Folder Packaging
All NEW 2490