KA-BAR #1478BP
KA-BAR TDI Last Ditch Personal Self Defense Concealment  Knife / Lightweight, concealable protection for the good guys.
The Last Ditch knife shown with friction relese sheath and 550 neck cord.

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The Last Ditch Knife

With an overall profile no larger than a credit card, this unique knife can be concealed just about anywhere.

Lace it up in your boots, pin it under a tactical vest strap, or use the enclosed cord to hang it around your neck.

This back-up knife is intended to be readily available as your "Last Ditch" option.

The Last Ditch knife features a black powder coated stainless steel blade with a hard plastic friction release sheath.

Knife's overall length is 3 5/8" with a blade of 1 5/8".

The spear point blade is flat ground to 18 degrees for edge retention and to provide a sharp cutting edge. 

Knife comes with a black 550 neck cord included.

Last Ditch is lightweight, concealable protection for the good guys.

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View Samples of How The Knife is Utilized.
Tactical Defense Institute
John Benner-Designer
Tactical Defense Institute
Tactical Defense Institute-Civilians-Law Enforcement-Military
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