KA-BAR #1250-S  &  KA-BAR #1251-S
The 1250-S and 1251-S sheaths are constructed of high quality natural brown leather and fit all 3/4 size KA-BAR fighting utility knives with a 5 1/4" fixed blade.

1250-S is embossed with the KA-BAR name brand and the U.S.M.C. EGA insignia; both sheaths are stitched and riveted to maintain added strength and long lasting durability.

1251-S is embossed with the KA-BAR brand name and U.S.A.

Both sheaths offer wide belt loop mountings, leg lashing holes, and leather handle retention straps with secure snap closures to keep them secure.

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Quality KA-BAR leather knife sheaths offered in both the USA model or the U.S.M.C. version.

U.S.A. #1251-S
U.S.M.C. #1250-S
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